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Thank you To Our Partners

Our Corporate Partners Club is a prepaid annual spending account that provides an opportunity to entertain co-workers, clients & prospective new business partners.  For each $5000 deposited into your account you will allocate one designee to manage your spending.  Each designee will be considered a full member with prepaid cart fees, a $3100 value. 
Only the designee has access to setup a starting time, and is responsible for directing the utilization of the account funds.

For more information, please contact Ryan Nightingale, PGA Professional 513.727.0007 x 140 or [email protected]

  • Book starting times through the golf shop 17 days in advance.

  • Waived Room Rental Charges for golf events.

  • Half off room rental rates for corporate meetings M - F

  • 10% Off Food only for Each Designee inside Grille @ 1320.

  • 20% Off select apparel for Each Designee inside the Golf Shop.

  • Quarterly Social Media Post thanking you for being a Corporate Partner   of Shaker Run.

  • All Corporate Partners will be recognized on a plaque within the Club House.

  • All Corporate Partners will be recognized on our website.

  • Each Partnership is valid for a calendar year from the date of payment and must be paid in full.

  • Designees either inclusive of the level selected or those who are added must be identified to Shaker Run upon the time of registration. Additional Designees may not be added until time of renewal and are subject to employment verification.

  • Partners are permitted to roll over a maximum of 10% of their funds annually, and would then be required to pay the difference plus any additional Designee fees to bring their account balance up to the appropriate level to start the next annual partnership cycle.  Any unused funds are forfeited upon renewal date if you choose not to renew.